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Engage your existing patients

Firstly, we engage existing patients by activating them and referring them to information relevant to their dental and overall health. This promotes proactive management of their oral health.

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Develop new customers

We make your practice visible to target customers who are best suited to your services. We present your business with a striking brand image to inspire confidence and interest in making an appointment.

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Building lasting patient relationships

A lasting relationship makes it easier to prevent dental problems. Dentists can educate their patients about best practices in dental care and work together to prevent problems before they arise.

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Modernizing the patient experience

With Bücco, you have experienced dental communications, marketing and technology experts at your fingertips to help you engage your patients, build clientele and establish lasting relationships with everyone to prosper and triumph.

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Creation of a modern, intuitive website

Looking good online is essential to maintaining and developing your customer base. Your current patients, referrals and interested customers all come through your website. It’s essential that your website is up to date to demonstrate that your practice as a whole is up to date.

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Educating and training patients and employees pays off!

It’s very important to promote understanding of your services and their impact on oral health. Whenever you have the opportunity, inform your patients using educational tools. Education also applies to you, to ensure a consistent message.

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Creating a distinguished brand image that patients remember

Your brand image represents your company to the public. It influences consumers to choose your practice or not. It must be continuously planned and maintained to ensure a positive perception.

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Communicating and staying visible for growth

Your clinic is a business that needs to remain visible in the community. It’s important to maintain this constant visibility all year round, so that interested consumers can find you and reach you easily.

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Dental expertise

We have extensive knowledge of dental services. Our team has been in the business for over 16 years and has published 2 books on oral health.

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We pride ourselves on always offering reasonable, fair and transparent prices for all dentists and oral health specialists.

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A combined communications, marketing and programming team to ensure high-quality services for your success.

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