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Our priority is to support you in the development of your clinic

We believe that the growth and prosperity of a dental practice is directly related to the level of trust customers feel towards it.

This trust is built slowly and progressively by offering quality services, expertise and a unique customer experience for every patient.

Informing patients about the nature of their dental problems and the various treatment options available will give them the confidence to make a more informed decision themselves.

That’s why we’re introducing Patient Space, a web-based tool for educating patients about oral health. Profitez de centaines de pages et de vidéos éducatives pour vos patient et votre équipe de travail. This tool brings you closer to your patients and gives you leads to grow your business.


Dr. Jules E. Lemay III, Orthodontist

Dr. Anne-Marie Blouin, general dentist

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Patient decision process

Outer circle Accompany your patient through every
stage of decision-making:
  • Educational websites
  • Educational videos
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Clinical cases
  • Medical questionnaire
  • Operating instructions
  • Waiting room videos

Satisfaction Reference

Problem or need

Finding solutions

Compare solutions

Question/ validate

Make an appointment

1st visit

Diagnosis (dentist)

Treatments and alternatives

Thinking and understanding


Dealing with the problem

Outer circle
Accompagnez votre patient à toutes
les étapes de sa prise de décision :
  • Educational websites
  • Educational videos
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Clinical cases
  • Medical questionnaire
  • Operating instructions
  • Waiting room videos

Why use the patient area in your clinic?

The Internet provides access to a wealth of oral health information. Your patient no longer needs to look up a problem in an encyclopedia or dictionary. Today, all he has to do is open his computer and type in some key words to find dozens of web pages on oral health.

To relieve their stress and anxiety, patients search for information on various websites, trying to understand their problem.

Even if their dentist has informed them of the problem and possible treatments, patients sometimes misunderstand the information provided.

The dentist’s role is to provide patients with clear and useful information about the proposed treatment, so that they can make informed decisions.

This information can be communicated not only orally, but also by e-mail and text message. The space allows clinics and their teams to communicate information about recommended treatments.

Benefits for your clinic

Stay in touch with your patients

Send information links in seconds. After a visit, patients can receive a personalized e-mail or text message on topics related to their dental condition. In the comfort of their own home, they can then review the information and share it with others to make an informed decision.

Increase productivity

Clinic staff send information targeted to the patient’s specific needs. Time spent explaining to the chair is reduced. You also promote continuous learning for all your teams. It’s essential to know what you’re referring patients to.

Strengthen team cohesion

The patient area brings the entire team into line with the same communication guidelines. For the patient, the message heard from the dentist, hygienist or secretary is clear and consistent.

Increase treatment acceptance rates

Support the team in educating patients about their oral reality and suggested treatments. An aware patient is more likely to invest in his or her mouth.

Result: Increase patient acceptance rates

Patient area functionalities

Quick setup

Add a link to your patient area to your website in just a few minutes.

Personalize your Guide with your logo and contact details

Maintain a bond of trust with your patients
through personalized communications

Communicate oral health information to your patients in seconds

Secure medical questionnaire

Before the arrival of a new patient, send us the first visit medical questionnaire.

Explanatory videos

Send educational videos related to the patient’s health problems and solutions.

Educational websites

The patient area lets you send pages and videos to your patients in a matter of seconds.

Satisfaction survey

Send out a satisfaction survey to identify highly satisfied patients to get positive reviews on Google and Facebook. Ensure their full satisfaction and loyalty.

Detailed statistics on patient satisfaction

Detailed statistics on patient satisfaction

One hour of waiting room video for $1 a year

Answer patients’ questions

Inform your patients about the various dental pathologies and the care and treatment available for them, thus promoting acceptance of the treatment plans you can offer them.

Increase interest in your treatments

Promote their understanding of available dental treatments and their impact on oral health. We don’t know what we don’t know! Slowly but surely, your patients learn to discover the problems and solutions available to them.

Increase your annual income

Properly informing and educating patients about their oral health helps to greatly increase clinic revenues. Educational videos are perfect for this purpose, right from the waiting room.

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