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Recruter du personnel dentaire.

Are you ready for the talent race?

Quebec will hit a wall in 2030,
when the working population will drop to 60.4%.

Postes de secrétaires dentaires à combler


dental secretary positions
to be filled

With a single Google search

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Postes d’hygiénistes dentaires à combler


dental hygienist positions
to be filled

With a single Google search

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An economic context to watch


Shortage of

transactions and

Significant and future impacts on your
dental practice

Your competitors are snapping up the workforce with wage increases and additional fringe benefits. Even so, it won’t be enough to attract talent. You need to review your human resources marketing strategy.

  • Significant wage increases expected
  • Major difficulties in finding candidates
  • More demanding employees than ever before
  • Strong competition from dental corporations
L’avenir de votre entreprise dépend de votre capacité à recruter du personnel talentueux

The future of your company depends
on your ability to recruit talented

It’s no longer a question of raising salaries and giving days off to retain and attract employees.

You need to be a place to grow professionally and personally.

Before launching recruitment ads or headhunters, make sure your brand DNA is clearly defined and addresses your target audience of hygienists, assistants, dental secretaries and dentists.

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Le comportement des candidats talentueux

Candidate behavior

Attracting labor is great, but attracting the right labor is even better.
Most talented candidates start their job search on the Internet.
Candidates now act like consumers.

They’ll dig up information about you:
Quality, efficiency and emotion.
Practice culture (DNA): mission, vision, values and promise.
Your social media presence and the impression you give off: young, modern, up-to-date.
Reading your Google and Facebook reviews.

We attract what we project.
What are you planning?
What do you attract?

We can help you recruit
dental staff

Creating and nurturing your employer brand

What is your employer brand?

It’s a company’s image in the eyes of its employees and potential candidates, and by extension includes the marketing and communication efforts aimed at improving and communicating it.

It’s about enhancing your company’s global reputation.

Creating your corporate DNA

What differentiates you from your competitors other than salary and fringe benefits?

  • Activities
  • Promise
  • Values
  • Culture
  • Products and Services Mission
  • Management style
Motivation d'équipe

Identify why it’s great to
work at your clinic

Know yourself before you sell yourself. Identify your DNA.

Understand what motivates your current staff so you can offer it to potential candidates.

Know the profile of the people you want to recruit, so you can communicate the information that interests them.

Clearly communicate your DNA through effective HR marketing and a clear employer branding strategy.

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Why set up
an employer brand?

  • Protect your reputation.
  • Building team loyalty.
  • Recruit staff who match your DNA.
  • Engage your staff in your corporate culture.
  • Develop ambassadors with your team to spread the word about your practice.

Where to start?

Analyze the current situation :

  • Who we are?
  • What makes us unique?
  • What drives us in practice?
  • What is our promise? Is it kept?
  • Evaluate team versus management perception.
  • Create and maintain a dedicated employer branding team.
Stratégies de recrutement : ADN clair, cahier d'employé, marque employeur, section carrière, vidéo, réseaux sociaux, estimation gratuite.

The levers you need to put in place to

  • Clear corporate DNA.
  • Créer un cahier d’employé qui décrit clairement cet ADN.
  • Simple, measurable employer branding strategy.
  • Present a career section that reflects your corporate culture.
  • Create a video to present your employer brand.
  • Optimize your social networking presence as an employer.
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Optimiser votre site web pour recruter

Optimize your website for

  • Careers section dedicated to recruitment.
  • Present a clear, inspiring value proposition to staff.
  • Make your practice human and eliminate photo banks.
  • Provide links to your social networks for recruitment purposes.
Bücco 360 du personnel dentaire qui reflète votre culture

We recruit dental staff
that reflect your culture

Look at the online ads. Most ads are identical and tasteless. If you do the same thing, no one will notice you.

  • We need to understand the values and needs of the people targeted by job offers, and adapt our language while respecting your fundamental values.
  • We need to attract people who respect the same values as we do.

It’s also very important to present the clinic’s culture and limit the limiting criteria, so as to obtain quality profiles. Please note that :

  • Men apply when they think they have 60% of the skills required for the job.
  • Women when they think they’re 100% in control.
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We will measure the success of the recruitment plan

  • New employees and quality of integration.
  • Internal employee satisfaction and retention levels.
  • Recruitment cost per new employee.

Ask yourself about your DNA

  • Why do you get up every morning?
  • Why do your employees come every morning?
  • Why have your patients chosen your practice?
  • What promise do you make to your employees and customers?
  • What are your core values, and why?
  • Can you sum up your clinic’s success in one sentence?

If you can’t answer these questions quickly, how can your team answer them so that they’re working in the same direction as you?

Create a distinctive
employer brand today!

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